Welcome to Lion of Judah Praise!

We've come this far by faith

You are invited to worship with us !! It is with Love God draws people to Himself. Let the love of God comfort and heal your mind body and soul.....

Welcome to Lion of Judah Praise!

"Where we demonstrate the Love of God"

Our services are held at 2844 Saint Anthony Street in New Orleans, LA

Join us at our 10:45 am Sunday Morning Services

Sunday School begins at 9:30 am
Bring your children we welcome them to church school. The love and joy of the Lord fill their hearts and minds .

God has been more than gracious to this ministry. All of our trust is in our God. I thank God that the people of Judah has a mind to work and God is doing great exploits.Their have been many volunteers, from various cities and states, worshipped side by side with us. Your prayers are not in vain on the sanctuary. This is the Lord's doing and it is good.

The Lord, Himself, is showing Himself strong on our behalf! Thank you for your trust in this ministry; and faith that God will do it. Because of you, the impossible is being done.


Reminder: It's time to Move Forward.....

We are expecting God to do a new thing in the lives of God's people. He is actually turning things around for our good.What the devil meant for evil God meant it for our good.

Never give up! Everything Her has promise He will bring it to pass.

God can save your home, sons, daughters,Husband or wife. God is still in control. We may have lost our way but God is able to restore everything the enemy has taken. Trust Him and give your life to Jesus.


Prayer is talking to God, He is listening why not ask forgiveness and surrender today?

Plead your case, lay your petition before the Lord. God watches over His word to perform it.


Romans 10:9-10 NIV

If you declare with your mouth"Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead , you will be saved.


Lion of Judah International Ministries is committed to excellence in communicating the uncompromising Word of God, and the person of Jesus Christ in practical, clear and exact manner. We offer you Jesus Christ as Savior and mediator. His arms are continually open to all those that will come to him. God is able to heal and deliver. What a blessing, it is to be able to reach out to you again. Let us Glorify our God, He is worthy to be praised! We have survived by the Grace and Mercy of our Awesome God! Yes, the Lord is still saving,all that will surrender to Him ! It is of the utmost we the servants of God take heed to the signs of the time. The Spirit of truth has put a demand on the Watchmen of God to expose the spirit of deception and lies that are hoovering over God's people. We, the church, should are in serious warfare because so many do not believe. We cannot led those that are captive out of captivity if they do not realize they're in the clutches of hand Satan. The blood of Jesus has already been shed for the remission of our sins. God has already given us power over the power of the enemy.Luke 10:19. However, if you don't know you have this gift of God, you cannot use it. I am on a mission to remind the saints of the Love God has for us in the midst of our suffering.

God has allowed me to return to New Orleans in the Power of God's Word. God has sent me to remind the church that we must teach the Gospel of Salvation again and again.Until those that don't know or that have forsaken their faith to return to God.We cannot stop! I have come to remind you that the Word of God is still true. We need the whole armor of God. Eph.6 I implore you to hold your shield of faith up high. There's no time to whine or ignore this great move of God. Speak boldly, the Good News, which carries you , and keeps you fully prepared. Be persistent in your prayers for all Christians everywhere. Preach the Word! Prepare for our soon coming King!

I pray daily and honor the people of our Southern States that are survivors of the most horrific devastation known to us, hurricane Katrina. Those of us that did live through this horror will bear marks of its passing our way for life. I salute the people of the city of my birth, New Orleans, that refuse to allow our city's disaster be forgotten. I stand boldly with those that still believe that God is a present help in the time of need.We will cannot forget. We will remember, even though, those in high places seemed clueless.God always comes through. My heart aches because of the lack of hope and faith I see among so many. I tell you, God has a remnant that is rising for the greatest move of God in our time. God will not allow His children to be deceived . He wants us to know that He is with us. With God's help, we will, by the preaching and teaching of God's Word, come together in unity. We cannot get beyond the plight that is drowning us daily unless we overcome evil with good. Murder and self destruction is not the road to take. Even in our pain, disappointment in our officials, depression, lost and displacement, we still must take a positive stand, for the sake of our children. Only by the grace of God we are still alive. My prayer is that we make everyday count for something positive and meaningful. With God's leading we can do this, for our children and our elderly. I believe as many others do, we were left here for a reason. A purpose beyond our imagination. We cannot ignore that God is moving by His power. I believe that God is instructing all that know Him, to remind our youth that have forgotten honor and respect; and teach those that no longer believe; that God has not forsaken His people!
Be Blessed

Church number 504-371-5477

Cell number 504-717-5650

We dictate our future by the Words we speak.

Speak those things........................:) Believe and receive.......

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Thoughts from Pastor Evans

A thought to ponder......
Prayer brings power. A prayer less life is a powerless life. We cannot operate in ministry with out power.Have you received the Holy Spirit? Have you kept the fire burning?


I will say " It's not the good things that are said about you that make you who you are.....it's the bad things," "But If you know God and you're sure you know Him you can make it !"

Rev.Dr.Lawrence Elijah Landrum

Those are words that demand serious thought and consideration. They are not words to be taken lightly. The cost of discipleship will cause you to be tried beyond measure. However in God's army, trials, afflictions, disappointments, persecutions will come. In order to stand the tests of time , we must know Jesus for ourselves. The Christian that knows Him in His sufferings , death, as well as resurrection is a true warrior.

Something is bound to happen when You PRAY! Pray until Something Happens!!

No Weapon formed against me shall prosper.....it won't work.......... It just won't

Daily Prayer

Dear Lord,

We come into your presence as humble as we can, asking for forgiveness of all sin. Father create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. Our desire is that you be pleased with our lives. Lord we desire not to be served but to serve. I ask Lord Jesus, what would you have me to do? Thy will be done in my life. I pray for Divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I pray that my lie be a reflection to you Lord Jesus. Order my steps and keep me as the apple of your eye.In Jesus name I pray Amen

Lord Jesus,

This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!!!

Our desire is to do your will. We pray for those that are in need of housing,food and hope. Save Lord and we shall be saved.Supply the need dear Lord, in Jesus name.


Dear Lord,

Our prayer today is that you order our steps. We seek your face. Lord we pray for your favor and compassion be upon our lives. We claim healing and deliverance from you today.Guide us by your Spirit,never leave us. Thank you for your grace and mercy in Jesus Name.


Prayer changes things...................